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The stocks we own are very different and because in the warehouse enter daily, buyers worldwide, the stock is always changing. Practically we do not sell stocks because most clients who come to us are outlet store owners, specialized in selling luxury clothes. They choose clothes from our warehouse piece by piece; what they know that would be sold in their store. So please do not email us to send pictures or price list that is not possible. Most goods in our stock are this year collections, the collections of more than 1 year old have discounts from 80 to 90%.

Mixed Items Stocker Italia

Mixed Items

Mix of Italy Brands for Women Stocker Italia

Mix of Italy Brands for Women

Clothes Lots  Stocker Italia

Clothes Lots

Spring/ Summer Collection Stocker Italia

Spring/ Summer Collection

Autumn/Winter Collection Stocker Italia

Autumn/Winter Collection

 Stocker Italia