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Suits & Ties - Stock Men Clothes

In StockerItalia's Warehouses you can find Lots / Stock of Suits & Ties of top Brand at really unbeatable prices. We have prepared Lots composed exclusively of:
  • Business Shirts
  • Suits
  • Suit Jackets
  • Suit Trousers
  • Ties
  • Men Dress

And Lots/Stock more generic in which are present both Suits & Ties that other types of Clothings

Suits & Ties: Although suits can be worn from women and men, you mostly see men wearing a suit and a tie at work and in everyday life. The classic combination of suit clothes consists of suit trousers and sports jackets. It's up to the man if he wants to wear a vest under his suit. On festive occasions, a tie, a cravat or a bow tie should not be forgotten. But it doesn't always have to be classic and traditional! In general, men's suits are distinguished between the number of button lines on the front of a men's sports jacket. 

For any other information please contact us or you come visit us at our warehouse

Our Stock of Suits & Ties

The stocks we own are very different and because in the warehouse enter daily, buyers worldwide, the stock is always changing. Practically we do not sell stocks because most clients who come to us are outlet store owners, specialized in selling luxury clothes. They choose clothes from our warehouse piece by piece; what they know that would be sold in their store. So please do not email us to send pictures or price list that is not possible.

Most goods in our stock are this year collections, the collections of more than 1 year old have discounts from 80 to 90%.

Please notify us at least 3 days before reaching us. Thank you and we’ll be expecting you!

What are stock clothes

Stock clothes are original top brand clothes, bought directly from the producers of the brands and sold for a lower price. Stock clothes, sometimes called factory outlet clothes, are new, top fashion clothes for her, him and for kids who are fashion-conscious. Our stock clothes come directly from the finest European fashion houses. We only sell top brands as you can see at our collection. As we are wholesalers we buy in bigger quantities and so we can deliver stock clothes to our customers at lower prices. We have special offers at all seasons.

Company Stocker Italia

This website belongs to the company Stoker Italia srl one of most famous company of this type in Italy.

We have many years' experience in the clothing sector, and we offer a vast selection of quality garments for both men and women. More than 10 years of experience in local and East European clothing markets assures that we can provide you with fashionable clothes that are going to be the most wanted in the coming season at an exceptional good price.

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